Today's Bible Verse

Luke 1:68-70

“Blessed be [the] Lord the God of Israel, because he has visited and wrought redemption for his people, and raised up a horn of deliverance for us in the house of David his servant; as he spoke by [the] mouth of his holy prophets, who have been since the world began;”

Encouraging Words

The Bible is a whole, which presents to us God coming forth from His essential fulness to manifest all that He is, and bring back into the enjoyment of this fulness with Himself those, who having been made partakers of His nature, have become capable of comprehending and loving His counsels and Himself.

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Today's Hymn

Hymn 26, Verse 5

Father, Thy love, the source of all,
Sweeter than all it gives,
Shines on us now without recall,
And lasts while Jesus lives.

Selected from Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Little Flock (Sel. 1856, Rev. 1962).

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