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Hymn #MeterAuthorFirst Line
1C.M.W. Cowper* (1731-1800)Of all the gifts Thy love bestows, Deck* (1807-1884)Father, 'twas Thy love that knew us
3L.M.E.J. BoytAs Head, O God, exhalted Thou,
411.10.11.10. DactylicMiss A.M. HardingThine is the love, Lord, that draws us together,
510. H.A. Berg21
6C.M.Miss. M. Bowley (1813-1856)Jesus! how much Thy Name unfolds Stoney (1814-1897)Hark! happy saints! loud lift your voice, M. Bowly*O God, we acknowledge
9C.M.E. Perronet (1726-1792)All hail the power of Jesus' Name!
1010.10.10.10.E.L. BevirOur God and Father, may our souls repose Conder* (1789-1855)Thou are the blest incarnate Word,
12S.M.J.N. Darby (1800-1882)Sing without ceasing, sing H.K. Burlingham (1842-1901)The Father sent the Son DarbyHark! ten thousand voices crying
15L.M.Mrs. G. HelyarLord, on the throne Thy love's the same
1610.10.10.10.P. LyonBlest Victor, Thou, o'er every power malign, Newton (1725-1807)May the grace of Christ our Saviour, LeeBlest Holy Spirit, Thou, divine, DarbyFor ever with Thee, Lord, BevirTo God - alone CraigHoly Comforter divine,
2211.10.11.10. DactylicG.V. Wigram (1805-1879)How bright, there above, is the mercy of God! Hart (1721-1768)How good is the God we adore,
24S.M.S.W. Gandy (d. 1851)His be the Victor's name,
25C.M.J.N. DarbyAs children taught by grace,
26C.M.J.N. DarbyO who can tell of love like this,
2711.11.11.11.I.G. PrestidgeTo Thee be the glory! To Thee every right! Bakewell (1721-1819)Hail! Thou once despisèd Jesus; BevirJesus, our Lord, our all,
308.7.8.7.H.S.T. BullockLove's remembrance, Lord, Thou seekest
3112.11.12.11.M. Cosido, fr. SpanishA While, yes, a very short while now of waiting,
32S.M.W.C. BoothO blessèd Holy One,
336. BevirCome, Prince of Peace, for now
348. ChaterThe Saviour, Jesus, who is He?
35C.M.E. RubieO God of love, how measureless
367. Montgomery (1771-1854)Hail to the Lord's Anointed
378.7.8.7.J. Pellatt"In Christ Jesus" - new creation,
388.7.8.7.J. Watson*Blessèd God, above creation,
399.8.9.8.A.J. GardinerLord Jesus, in Thee we're rejoicing,
408. Deck"Look unto Me!" the Savior cries;
418. EllisLord, together Thee recalling,
4210.10.10.10.W.P. SmithO wonderous thought, that Thou, blest Lord, shouldst have
4311.10.11.10. DactylicH.D'A. ChampneyJesus, our Saviour, we gladly adore Thee,
448.8.8.6.A.G. DoughtyLord Jesus Christ, in all Thy grace,
4510.10.10.10.H.F. NunnerleyOur God and Father, we would now proclaim
468.7.8.7.J.T. EllisJesus is a glorious Saviour,
47C.M.J.N. DarbyBlest Lord, Thou spakest! 'twas Thy voice
485. Carrèn, fr. SwedishO how inscrutable,
499.8.9.8.B.M. DeckBlest Father of glory, we worship,
508.7.8.7.J.N. DarbyLord, in Thee we taste the sweetness
517.6.7.6.J.N. DarbyO Lord, Thy love's unbounded,
527. van den Berg, fr. DutchWe sing to Thee, blest Fathger,
539.8.9.8.G. CowieWe'll sing of God's wonderful gospel,
54C.M.J. NewtonHow sweet the Name of Jesus sounds
55S.M.P. Gerhardt (1607-1667), fr. GermanThrough waves, through clouds and storms,
567. M. BowlyO Lord , how blest our journey,
57C.M.E.L. BevirWhere glory lights the courts on high,
58L.M.J. G. DeckLord, we are Thine, bought by Thy blood,
596.6.8.4.Miss L. BarnettThe heart of God is love;
606. RubieOur Father, we praise Thee,
6110.10.10.10.F.D. WaterfallO God, the great "I AM," we worship Thee
626. BodmanGod of the Universe,
638. BurrOur God and Father, Thee we bless,
64S.M.J.N. DarbyO bright and blessèd scenes,
658.7.8.7.A.E. WestLord, as now Thy people gather,
667. C. Thompson (1822-1909)O gracious God, Thy pleasure
677. CarruthersWe bless Thee, God and Father,
688. BevirO Lord of glory, who couldst leave
69S.M.G.W. Fraser (1840-1896)O blessèd living Lord,
706. FraserCome! hear the gospel sound,
718. Revell (d. 1900)Hark, the solemn strains uprising!
72S.M.J.N. DarbyOur God whom we have known,
7310.10.10.10.J.N. DarbyFather Thou lovest! favour all divine.
74S.M.J.N. DarbyRest of the saints above,
7510. LawrenceJesus, our Lord, Thy worthiness we sing,
768.7.8.7.J.N. DarbyRise, my soul, thy God directs thee,
778., we love to trace Thy footprints
787. GilpinO God of grace, our Father,
79S.M.J.N. DarbyGod and the Lamb - 'tis well
807. McCallumWe praise Thee, Lord of glory,
81C.M.J.N. DarbyO Lord, Thy glory we behold,
827. DoltonO Jesus, Lord, we love Thee,
838.7.8.7.H.P. WellsO the wondrous joy of dwelling
8410.10.10.10.T. WilleyLord Jesus, gladly do our lips express
858.8.11.8.J.N. DarbyThere is rest for the weary soul -
868. M. BowleyThrough the love of God our Saviour,
87L.M.J.N. DarbyFather, Thy sovereign love has sought
88L.M.J.N. DarbyThou gav'st us, Father, in Thy love,
897. GriffithsO blessèd Holy Spirit,
9010.10.10.10.A. Becker, fr. GermanOur God and Father, we respond anew
916. BodmanGod the unchangeable,
92S.M.G.V. WigramWhat raised the wondrous thought,
93C.M.E. Denny (1796-1889)Light of the waiting pilgrim's heart,
94C.M.H. AllenFather, Thine own unbounded love
9510.10.10.10.J. Molines, fr. FrenchO God for ever blest, o'er all supreme,
9610. ClarkOur glorious God, how wondrous to be near,
97C.M.A.H. GriffithsO Holy Spirit of our God,
98L.M.J.W. ParryO God, our hearts are filled with joy,
9910.10.10.10.Mrs. A.M. HaywardLord Jesus, Thou by whom the worlds were made,
10012.13.12.10.J.H. EarnesHoly, holy, holy! blessèd God, we praise Thee;
101S.M.Mrs. K.G. TeiffelSubmitting to Thy will,
10210.10.10.10.F.H. Parrot, fr. FrenchTo us Thou comest, faithful to Thy word;
1038.8.8.8.T. Kelly* (1769-1855)We'll sing of the Shepherd that died,
1048. Hiller (1699-1769), fr. GermanWe wait for Thee, O Son of God,
1058. KellyGlory, glory everlasting
106C.M.J.N. GraceTo Thee, blest Holy Spirit, now
107L.M.S. Medley (1738-1799)Awake, each saint, in joyful lays,
108L.M.W.B. HarrisO Holy Spirit, Thee we bless,
1096. FearBlest Holy Spirit, Thou
11011.10.11.10. DactylicG.H. BrownJesus our Lord, we would joyfully render
1118.7.8.7.From French'Tis the truest joy and blessing
1128.7.8.7.A.P. Cecil (1841-1889)Trembling soul, behold thy Saviour,
11311.10.11.10.A.P. GippsLord Jesus, come, Thy saints for Thee are waiting,
114C.M.J.N. DarbyLord Jesus, source of every grace,
115S.M.T. KellyLead on, almighty Lord,
116L.M.Mrs. A.M. FennellBlest God and Father, we confess
1178. DoughtyLord, in past and distant ages,
1188.5.8.5.J.F. GarlandGlory be to God the Father,
11910.10.10.10.Miss N. VergetteOur God and Father, we draw near to Thee
120L.M.J.N. DarbyFather, in Thine eternal power,
1218. Petersson, fr. SwedishBlessèd Spirit of the Father,
1228.7.8.7. Dactylic Chorus WrefordChrist is the Saviour of sinners,
12310. WiggintonGod waits in grace with hands outstretched to bless -
124C.M.Miss A.E. Price (1838-1919)Jesus our Lord, Thou Morning Star,
1258. HoldingPriase to Thee, our God, belongeth,
1268. FrenchLord Jesus, may our days on earth
1278.5.8.5.E. WilliamsLord, we do not ask the question,
1288. EarlOur God, we bless Thee, glorious source
12911.10.11.10. DactylicA.P. Bodman"Thou art that God" to the ages eternal,
1308. McCallumFather, to Thee we now draw near,
1319. Otsing, fr. RussianO Lord, with our ears and hearts open,
132S.M.Miss F.T. Wigram (1831-1871)The person of the Christ,
1338. PriceO the wonder of the moment!
1347. EarlWe sing to Thee, Lord Jesus,
1358.5.8.3.I. FlemingThee we praise, our God and Father,
1368. WilleyFather, spring and source of blessing,
13710.10.10.10.J.N. DarbyWe praise Thee, Lord, blest source of deepest joy,
138L.M.J.N. DarbyA holy Father's constant care
1399.9.9.9.J.N. DarbyThis world is a wilderness wide;
1407. FraserO Lord, our hearts are waiting
1418.7.8.7.E. Carrèn, fr. SwedishGod and Father, source of glory,
142C.M.Miss M. Bowly"Praise ye the Lord," again, again,
14310.10.10.10.J. PellattOur God, from Thy blest heart and mind has spread
144C.M.D.J. PellattIn that bright home of love divine,
145C.M.D.W. Trotter (d. 1865)Behold the Lamb, whose precious blood
146L.M.J. PellattInto Thy presence, Lord, we come,
1477.7.7.7.G.J. AbernethieGlorious Son of God, to Thee
1489.8.9.8.G.H. BrownLord Jesus, our souls would adore Thee,
1497. DeckLord Jesus, we remember
150C.M.D.J. RevellJesus our Lord, of Thee, the King,
151C.M.J.G. DeckLord Jesus, when we think of THee,
1526. MilnerThou, Lord, to death's domain
153C.M.UnknownThe mighty God who dwelt in light
1548. A.S. OrmsbyCome! - 'tis Jesus gently calling -
1556. A. Taylor (1782-1866)What was it, blessèd God,
1568.'A. ChampneyBlessèd Lord, our hallelujahs
1576. BiggsWe worship Thee, O God,
158L.M.P. LyonBlest Spirit, Comforter divine,
159C.M.R.H. GraceLord Jesus, Thou hast drawn our hearts,
1606.4.6.4.J.N. DarbyO bright and blessèd hope!
1618.7.8.7.C.A. CoatesSon of God, with joy we view Thee
1628.7.8.7.H.J. MiddletonGod our Father, Thee we worship,
1638. Pellatt"Yet a little while,' Thou'rt coming!
16411.10.11.10. DactylicD.T. HoldingJesus, our Lord, we assemble together,
165S.M.Miss H.K. Burlingham*'Tis not far off - the hour
16610.10.10.10.W. LawrenceFrom scenes of conflict, burden, grief and care,
1678.5.8.3.J.G. Small (1817-1888)Precious, precious blood of Jesus,
1687. GriffethsO blessèd God, we praise Thee,
16910.10.10.10. DactylicA. Midlane (1825-1909)O what a Saviour is Jesus the Lord!
1708.7.8.7.P.H. HardwickBlessèd God, with Christ before Thee
171C.M.S.M. WatsonBlest Son of God, we worship Thee;
172C.M.J. Hutton (1715-1795)O teach us more of Thy blest ways,
17310.10.10.10.F.D. WaterfallThou dwellest now, O God, midst fragrant praise
174S.M.C.A. Bernstein (1672-1699)O patient, spotless One,
17511.11.11.11. TrochaicMiss H.K. BurlinghamEverlasting glory unto Jesus be!
1768. GermanBlessèd Lord, in love unceasing
177C.M.W.R. MasonO wilt thou to the Saviour come?
178C.M.J.N. DarbyBlest Father, infinite in grace,
179L.M.J. Taylor, 3rd.O praise the Saviour for His love,
1808. PorterO Lord, how blest - as day by day
1818. WilliamsGlory, Lord, is Thine for ever,
1828. D. PallisterWe bless Thee, Holy Spirit, Thou
1836.4.6.4.G.H.S. PriceCome, for the Father's love
1848.7.8.5.Mrs. J.S. Pigott*Now in simple faith, Lord Jesus,
1859.8.9.8.W.P. SmithMajestic, Almight and Glorious,
1868.7.8.7.J.C. TozerLord, Thy person far transcendeth
1878. IambicJ.G. Small (1817-1888)I've found a Friend, O such a Friend!
1887.6.7.6.J.N. DarbyWe see Thee, Lord of glory,
1897.6.7.6.J.N. DarbyO Lord, amid corruption,
1907.6.7.6.J.N. DarbyO Lord, Thy wonderous story
1917.7.7.7.J. Montgomery*Father, praise to Thee we give;
1928. F.J. ElwoodWe love, Lord Jesus, to recall
193C.M.N.B. StewartLord Jesus, we rejoice that Thou
19411.11.11.11.T. KellyThe night is far spent, and the day is at hand;
195L.M.Miss F.T. WigramWorthy of homage and of praise,
196S.M.A. Midlane"All things are ready," Come!
19710.10.10.10.E.G. GreenO Lord, Thou art, and wast, and art to come,
1989. GilmoreLord Jesus, as gathered before Thee
199C.M.C.C. ElliotLord Jesus Christ, our living Head,
2007.6.7.6.J.N. DarbyO Jesus, precious Saviour,
201S.M.A.P. CecilThou Holy One and True,
20211.'A. ChampneyHark! hark! the voice of Christ, the sinner's Saviour,
20310.10.10.10.A.O.R. LabettO Lord, as now we gather to Thy Name
2048.7.8.7.D.L. StewartIn Thy presence now we worship,
2056.6.8.4.AnonymousO Jesus, Lamb of God,
2068.7.8.7.J.N. DarbyWhere thy saints in glory thronging,
20710.10.10.10.Miss J.E. GresswellBlest God and Father, we respond to Thee,
2088., ye weary, heavy laden,
20910.10.10.10.Miss J.E. GresswellO Lord, it is Thyself; none, none but Thee,
210S.M.W.F. Lloyd (1791-1853)Out times are in Thy hand;
2118. Gustafsson, fr. SwedishGod and Father, we Thy children
2128. EdwardsO the love of God is boundless,
21310.10.10.10.J.G. DeckIn hope we lift our wishful, longing eyes,
2147.6.7.6.D.T. HoldingTo Thee, blest Holy Spirit,
215C.M.E. DennyHope of our hearts, O Lord, art Thou,
216L.M.J.G. DeckThy heart shall grieve and mourn no more.
2179. unbelieving? Why wilt thou spurn
21810. SamuelsO Holy Spirit, Thee we worship now,
2198. TurnerGod is sending our the message
2207. F.R. HavergalI could not do without Thee,
2217. McCallumJerusalem, the holy,
2228.7.8.7.D. Lindberg, fr. SwedishO Thou blessèd Holy Spirit,
2237. ArisThou blessèd Holy Spirit,
2248. KellyThough all the beasts on earth be slain
225S.M.T. PorterO scenes of heav'nly joy!
22610.10.10.10.H.F. NunnerleyO Glorious Lord! what thoughts Thy mind did fill,
2276. H.B. BurrAssembled here, O Lord,
228S.M.D.From FrenchAll through this desert dry
22910.10.10.10.H.D'A. ChampneyThy Name must love, whatever names may die;
230C.M.J.G. DeckO Lord, when we the path retrace
2317.7.7.7.C.C. ElliotFather, to Thy gracious throne
23210. McCallumLord Jesus Christ, our voices rise as one
233L.M.T. KellyOur is a pardon bought with blood,
23410.10.10.10.C. Müller, fr. GermanO Lord, we joy that Thou art glory-crowned,
235S.M.J.N. DarbyWe'll praise Thee, glorious Lord,
2366.4.6.4.Miss A. NaessethO Jesus, Lord, we long
237C.M.P.S. PughFather, we celebrate Thy praise.
23811.8.11.9.H.G. SpaffordWhen peace like a river attendeth my way,
2396. MayoChrist did for sins atone,
2406. MidlaneHimself He could not save,
2418.6.8.4.H.D'A. ChampneyT'was not for our great love to Thee
24210.10.10.10.W.R. MasonO God, Thou source of endless bliss and joy,
24311.11.11.11.R.D. EdwardsHow sweet is the story of God's boundless love,
244C.M.J.N. DarbyIt is not with uncertain step
2456. FlemmingGod, from His throne on high,
2467. DeaytonThere is a wondrous story,
24710.10.10.10.J.N. DarbyAnd is it so, we shall be like Thy Son?
248C.M.D.H. Bonar (1808-1889)I heard the voice of Jesus say,
24910.10.10.10.J.N. DarbyO Jesus, Lord, who loved us like to Thee?
25010.10.10.10.E.H. ChaterThy will, O Lord, be done, whate'er the cost
251C.M.T.E. PurdomLord Jesus Christ, our Saviour Thou,
25210.10.10.10.H.D'A. Champney"Come unto Me - and I will give you rest";
2538.7.8.7.H.P. WellsHast thou heard God's wondrous message,
25410.10.10.10.J.N. DarbyLord, to our souls Thy light is ever pure,
25510.10.10.10.S. Chareyrè, fr. FrenchOur God for ever may Thy Name be blest,
2567. DeckO Lamb of God, still keep us
25711.11.11.11.G.H.S. PriceHow ready e'en now is our God to impart
2588. MenziesOur God, from Thee in love divine
2597. BiggsThou art, O Lord, the centre
2608. MiddletonBlessèd Spirit, Thee we worship,
2618. McCallumBlest Spirit, we would sing to Thee,
2628. Davies (1723-1761)Great God of wonders! all Thy ways
2637. W. BiggsThy death, O Lord, and sorrow
26410.10.10.10.H.D'A. Champney"Thou art the Same," our one, unchanging God,
2657. FraserO God of grace, our Father,
2668.7.8.7.A. MidlaneHark! the voice of Jesus calling,
2678. MasonGlory, honour, adoration,
2686. MilnerO Lord, Thy face was set,
2698.7.8.7.W.M. BrownJesus, Lord, Thy grace has called us
270S.M.J.N. DarbyAnd we shall see Thy face,
271C.M.J.N. DarbyOur God is light: and though we go
272L.M.I. Watts (1674-1748)When I survey the wondrous cross
27311.11.11.11.L.H. FarrellHow wondrous a Saviour is God's blessèd Son!
2744. A. DentLord Jesus, come,
27510.10.10.10.E.H. ChaterAll men have sinned and short of glory come;
2768. ChaterHave you not heard the joyful sound?
2778.7.8.7.E.H. ChaterGod and Father, we adore Thee,
278C.M.J.G. DeckSaviour we long to follow Thee,
279C.M.Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153)Jesus! the very thought of Thee
28010.10.10.10.W.R. MasonLord Jesus Christ, to Thee a song we raise,
281L.M.J.G. Deck *Jesus, my Saviour! Thou art mine,
2827. ChaterGod gave His Son for sinners;
28310.10.10.10.W.C. PowellAs in Thy presence, Lord, our spirits free,
28410.10.10.10.Mrs, M. Carlsson-Carrén, fr. Swedish"Not of the world" - blest words of Christ the Lord
285C.M.R.H. GraceBlest Spirit, now we worship Thee;
2868. FraserWhat rich eternal bursts of priase
2876. Wesley* (1708-1788)Jesus! life-giving sound,
288L.M.From FrenchOur hearts Thou dost console, O Lord,
289L.M.N.L. Zinzendorf (1700-1760), fr. GermanLord Jesus, holy Lamb of God,
2907. Edwards*I love to sing of Jesus,
2918. Wesley*Lo! He comes, from heav'n descending,
2928. MasonO God, supreme in majesty,
29310.10.10.10.C.A. CoatesThy grace, O Lord, that measured once the deep
294C.M.N.B. StewartJesus, our Lord, the mighty power
2958.5.8.3.D. O'PreyUnto Thee, blest Holy Spirit,
29610.10.10.10.E.H. ChaterBlest Son of God, Thou holy One above,
2978.7.8.7.H.J. MilesFather, Son and Holy Spirit,
2988.7.8.7.M.W. BiggsLord, we treasure with affection
299L.M.Mrs. M. Carlsson-Carrén, fr. SwedishWhat will it be with God to dwell,
30010.10.10.10.Miss H.M. RaikesSpirit of God, to Thee we bow in priase,
3017.6.7.6.A.C.S. PriceO Lord, Thy matchless glory,
3028.7.8.7.Miss C. ThompsonGazing on Thee, Lord, in glory,
303S.M.G.V. WigramO what debt we owe
3048. IambicG.C. PierseLord Jesus, 'tis our deepest joy
3058. JayGod our Father, we Thy children
3067.6.7.6.C. DeaytonLord, as we come together
307C.M.W. CowperGod moves in a mysterious way
3086. Swain (1761-1796)On earth the song begins,
309C.M.W.M. BrownO God, Thy glory shines supreme;
310C.M.A.F.G. WardBlest Father, in Thy wondrous grace
31114. Arras, fr. GermanJesus, our Lord, on the throne of the Father Thou'rt crownèd;
31210.10.10.10.H.D'A. ChampneyHow great, O God, our portion in Thy love,
3138. S.M. WalkerO wondrous Saviour! Jesus, Lord,
31410.10.10.10.Mrs. S. Hedman, fr. SwedishO God and Father, we our praises bring,
3158. StottGlorious Lord, in adoration
316S.M.A. StevenBlest Father, we draw nigh,
317C.M.E. DennyO Lord, the bright and blessèd hope,
31810.10.10.10.F.H. Parrot, fr. FrenchFor us, O Lord, Thou camest from on high,
3198. MuttonBlessèd God, we own thy greatness
32010.10.10.10.From FrenchFather of lights, to Thee our hearts we lift
3218.5.8.3.J.K. PollockWilt thou yield to love's entreaty?
322L.M.E. Carrèn, fr. French"Behold the Man!" O blessèd Lord,
3238. Chater"Tis finished!" our blest Saviour said,
32411.11.11.11.R.D. EdwardsO come to the Saviour, He's calling today;
3256. BrewerOur blest God and Father,
326C.M.J. WatsonLord, it has touched our hearts that Thou
3277. LambertO joyful hallelujahs
3288. Wesley (v.3 G.W. Fraser)Our hearts delight in Christ, and long
329C.M.G.V. WigramWell may we sing, with triumph sing,
3308.7.8.7.V.C. LockFather, from our hearts is spiring,
33110.10.10.10.J.K. PollockIt is to Thee our voices now we raise,
3327. DeaytonHark to the message sounding
33310. C.A. MarkhamOur God and Father, we are here to share
33410.10.10.10.E.H. ChaterIn light unclouded dwells the mighty God,
3358.7.8.7.E.H. ChaterLord, Thy ways are past our searching,
336L.M.H.D'A. ChampneyBlest God and Father, source of joy
337C.M.E.C. BurrBlest Holy Spirit, Comforter -
338C.M.G. Gustafsson, fr. SwedishThy Lord is coming; lift your heads!
3398. Gustafsson, fr. SwedishLord, in Thy supper now we see
3408. RoachEternal King of those who reign,
341C.M.J. Stennett* (1663-1713)O blessèd Saviour, is Thy love
3428. ChaterO Lord, the knowledge of Thy love
3438. Deck"Lord, what is man?" 'Tis Christ who died,
3448.5.8.3.H. WrefordWilt thou come, or wilt thou linger?
345L.M.Miss E.C. ShanksO Lord, do Thou our souls inspire
3467.6.7.6.E.R. PatchettLord Jesus, Thou art worth
3478. F.J. ElwoodThe bread and cup, O Lord, recall
3487. TrowbridgeHow good and great, O Father,
349S.M.H. BonarWe hear the word of love,
350L.M.J. TaylorWe hail Thee, Lord, our glorious Head,
3518.7.8.7.J.C. TozerHoly Comforter, who guidest
3527.6.7.6.F.D. WaterfallO Lord, the joy of union,
3538. SwainWhat will it be to dwell above,
3548.8.8.8.A. Midlane*We speak of the grace of our God,
3557. E. ClewleyWe bless Thee, Holy Spirit!
3568. IambicD.T. HoldingTo Thee, our God, we render now
357L.M.A. MidlaneThe perfect righteousness of God
358C.M.D.A.J.H. BrownI heard the blessèd story told,
3598. Lewis, fr. SpanishO how precious Thine assembly
3607. know Thee, Lord, as risen,
3616. H.A. BergNought is detaining us,
362C.M.W.M. BrownO Lord, what peace and rest we find
3637. Lord who healed the leper
3648. Carrèn, fr. SwedishO our God, how great, unmeasured
36510.10.10.10.Mrs. S.A. HaughtonJesus, our Lord, Thou lovest to be near
366L.M.R. SandemanSee mercy, mercy from on high,
3677. MidlaneI am not told to labour
3688. Gerhardt, fr. GermanO Lord, Thy rich, Thy boundless love
3698.7.8.7.Mrs. L. Sadell (1832-1903), fr. SwedishChrist is risen! Hallelujah!
37010.10.10.10.W.R. MasonOur God, to Thee th'assembly's praises flow
3718.7.8.7.R. Robinson (1735-1790)Brightness of th' eternal glory,
372C.M.G.H.S. PriceBlest Holy Spirit, let us prove
3738.5.8.3.E.E. NicholsPrecious Name! the Name of Jesus,
3748. Pellatt*Father, Thy love was deepest joy
375L.M.Mrs. H.A. BergLord, though Thy saints be laid to rest,
3767.6.7.6.Mrs. A.M. FennellO Lord, we've come together
3778.5.8.5.Mrs. S. Hedman, fr. SwedishFather, in Thy love unbounded,
3788. KellyStricken, smitten and afflicted,
37910. TempleOur God and Father, we respond to Thee
3808.8.7.7.Mrs. P.R. MorefordHearts awaking, Saviour, greet Thee;
381S.M.J. LePanse, fr. FrenchLord Jesus, we draw near,
382S.M.P. Gerhardt, fr. GermanNot to ourselves we owe
38310.10.10.10.J. Taylor, Jr.Blest Holy Spirit, sent from heav'n above
384C.M.C. DeaytonWith loyal hearts, O Lord to Thee,
3858.7.8.7.B.M. DeckFather, in Thy love abiding,
38611.11.11.11. TrochaicC.T. LambertJesus, Thou art coming, coming as the King,
3878.7.8.7.Mrs. G.J. ScarlettLord, the greatness of Thy Person
3888. KellyLord, we wait for Thine appearing;
3898.5.8.3.Miss. I. Stevenson* (1843-1890)Holy Father, in Thy mercy
3908.7.8.7.A.P. CecilO the peace for ever flowing
3918.7.8.7. DactylicT. ThorstensenSpring up, O Spirit most holy!
392C.M.J.C. TozerHead over all, O God, art Thou;
3937. Arras, fr. GermanThrough Thy great might and wisdom
3948.7.8.7.J.C. TozerNow that wonderous, living story
3957. DeckGreat Captain of Salvation,
3967. Toplady (1740-1778)Rock of Ages! cleft for me,
397C.M.T. Kelly*Jesus, Thy head, once crowned with thorns,
398L.M.J.N. GraceThy death and resurrection, Lord,
399L.M.D.J.G. DeckMaster, we would no longer be
40014.14.14.14.J. PellattGod manifest in flesh, O wonder of His universe!
40110.10.10.10.P.G. Blanc, fr. FrenchSpirit of grace, O Thou whose hidden might
4028.7.8.7.D. RobertsonFather, Son, and Holy Spirit -
4038.7.8.7.G.H. BrownFather, now we come before Thee,
4048. H.K. BurlinghamOn His Father's throne is seated
405L.M.D.R. Holden, fr. SpanishTo God, in highest power supreme,
40610.10.10.10.G.H.S. PriceO blessèd God, our souls are moved as one
4078. BrownO God, Thy grace no limit knows,
40810.10.10.10.R. PeartThou holy Comforter, we joy in Thee,
40911.10.11.10.G.H. BrownCome! for the Father speaks to thee from heaven,
4108.7.8.7.J.A. v. Poseck (1824-1896)On the Lamb our souls are resting,
411C.M.J.N. DarbyLord! let us wait for Thee alone:
412L.M.Mrs. W.T. PetersenLord Spirit, blest, of Thee we're taught,
4138. Deck"A little while" - the Lord shall come,
4148. DoughtyOnce from glory's height descending.
4158. A.R. Cousin* (1824-1906)O Lord, what burdens Thou didst bear!
4168. HoldingFather, now in adoration
4178. GraceWho will hearken to the story
4187.6.7.6.E. Carrèdn, fr. SwedishO Jesus, blessèd Saviour,
4195. A. RossLord, Thou art with me!
42012.13.12.10.S. McCallumGlory, glory, glory, praise and adoration!
42111.10.11.10.Miss A. RossWhat will it be when all life's toil is finished,
4228.5.8.3.I. FlemingJesus, Lord, we joy before Thee,
42310.10.10.2.H.D'A. ChampneyO Lord, what love for sinners Thou hast shown,
424L.M.Miss J. WickensO Lord, how long ere we shall see
4258. StewartBlest Spirit, now with joy we raise
4267.7.7.8.P.P. Bliss (1838-1876)"Man of sorrows!" what a name
427S.M.Miss M. Bowley*Whom have we, Lord, but Thee,
4286. MarkhamBlest God, o'er all supreme,
42910.10.10.6.A.J.H. BrownO Jesus, Lord, Thou stoodest in my stead;
430C.M.J. PellattThy love, blest Lord, in death made known,
431C.M.C.A. CoatesNo act of power could e'er atone,
4326. RoachHark! 'tis a message free,
433C.M.F. WompraBlest Comforter, Thou holy One,
4346. S. Hedman, fr. SwedishWe see not all things yet
4357. FraserOn that same night, Lord Jesus,
4368. PriceWe treasure, Lord, Thy blessèd Name,
437L.M.E. DennyO grace divine! the Saviour shed
4387.7.7.7.Miss H.K. BurlinghamGod in mercy sent His Son
43910.7.10.7. Chorus LawrenceJesus lingers still, 'tis for you He waits,
4408. FraserO Lord, what joy and glad surprise
4417.6.7.6.J.C. TozerFather of every fam'ly
4427. MasonO Spirit of adoption,
443C.M.I. WattsJesus, how glorious is Thy grace!
444C.M.J. Ryland* (1753-1825)O Lord, we would delight in Thee,
4456. Haweis (1734-1820)Jesus, the Lord, is ris'n
4468.8.8.6.Miss C. Elliott (1789-1871)Just as I am - without one plea,
447C.M.Miss M. BowleyJesus, of Thee we ne'er would tire;
4487. KellySing aloud to God our strength!
4496. GreevesGlory to God! we sing:
4507. FraserBlest be the God and Father
451C.M.T. KellyBehold the Lamb, with glory crowned!
4528.7.8.7.B. Schmolk (1672-1737), fr. GermanLord, to be in Thine own presence
4537.7.7.7.W. Meyer, fr. GermanHoly Spirit, helper nigh,
4547.6.7.6.L.H. RailtonFather, Thy sons adore Thee,
455C.M.F. Whitfield (1827-1904)There is a Name we love to hear,
4568.7.8.7. IambicT. RofeOur God, we bless Thee for Thy love

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