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WE wait for Thee, O Son of God,
And long for Thine appearing;
"A little while" - Thou'lt come, O Lord,
Thy waiting people cheering.
Thus hast Thou said; we lift the head
In joyful expectation,
For Thou wilt bring salvation.
We wait for Thee, content to share
In patience, days of trial;
So meekly Thou the cross didst bear,
Our sin, reproach, denial.
How should not we receive with Thee
The cup of shame and sorrow,
Until the promised morrow?
We wait for Thee, for Thou, e'en here,
Hast won our hearts' affection;
In spirit still we find Thee near,
Our solace and protection.
In cloudless light and glory bright,
We in the air shall meet Thee,
And thus with joy shall greet Thee.
We wait for Thee - Thou wilt arise,
Whilst hope her watch is keeping;
Forgotten then in glad surprise
Shall be our years of weeping.
Our hearts beat high, the dawn is nigh
That ends our pilgrim story
In Thine eternal glory.

P.F. Hiller (1699-1769), fr. German

Tunes for this hymn:

"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."