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GOD waits in grace with hands outstretched to bless -
Glad news from heav'n!
Mercy dispensed in perfect righteousness,
Sinners forgiv'n!
Repentance only, God requires from man,
And faith in Christ, His well-belovèd Son.
This priceless favour you may now embrace;
'Tis offered free,
Since Jesus suffered in the sinner's place
On Calv'ry's tree;
Blest sinless One! for us He sin was made,
Redemption's price by precious blood was paid.
Unsparing judgement, in that dark, lone hour,
In love He bore;
Laid down His life, destroyed death's fearful power;
His work is o'er!
Atonement made, God fully satisfied,
The mighty Saviour's ris'n and glorified.
God's secret things, long treasured up in heav'n,
In Christ are shown;
Peace, sonship, joy, the Holy Spirit giv'n,
Through Him are known.
God's word obey, there wondrous blessings share -
The Spirit's comfort, guidance, love and care.

A.J. Wigginton

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"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."