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OUR God, we bless Thee, glorious source
Of light and love divine;
From Thee all blessing emanates,
The power, the greatness Thine;
Both heav'n and earth belong to Thee,
We joy in Thy supremacy.
Exhalted, Thou, as Head o'er all;
Majestic is Thy seat!
Thy glorious Name our souls revere,
And worship, as is meet.
Complacent Thou in love, we see
All things made subject unto Thee.
We thus anticipate THy day,
Thou King of ages blest,
When all shall know Thy glorious sway,
And love shall be at rest.
Th' eternal scene then filled by Thee -
Thou all in all shalt ever be.

J. Earl

Tunes for this hymn:

"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."