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O LORD, our hearts are waiting
That loud triumphant cry,
Which wakes the saints now sleeping,
And to Thee brings them nigh;
When we, with them ascending,
Shall meet Thee in the air,
To gaze upon Thy glory,
And all Thy likeness bear.
O hour for which in patience
Thou'rt waiting through the night,
Till all Thy saints are gathered,
And brought into the light!
Then, then, the church completed,
God maketh no delay;
O Lord, with shouts of triumph
We pass into the day.
O hour of richest blessing!
When brought to Thee so nigh,
To be Thy joy for ever,
And dewll with Thee on high;
To rest in all that brightness,
And ever there abide;
To find Thy heart delighting
In us, Thy heav'nly bride.
O blessèd, coming Saviour,
Speak then the joyous word,
To which our hearts shall answer,
"For ever with the Lord."
And then with Thee, blest Saviour,
We evermore shall be,
In deepest, fullest blessing,
For ever one with Thee.

G.W. Fraser

Tunes for this hymn:

"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."