Hymn Selection


SON of God, with joy we view Thee
Of God's love the object meet;
While, Lord Jesus Christ, 'tis through Thee
All our blessing is complete.
As Thy brethren now we hail Thee,
Firstborn of a heav'nly race;
He who has with glory crowned Thee
Called us to this blessèd place.
From the triumph and the glory
Of Thy rest in love divine,
Comes to us the wondrous story,
How God's purpose made us Thine;
How by dying Thou hast freed us
From the man of sin and shame,
That, unhindered, Thou mightst lead us
Now to know Thy Father's name.
And responsive to Thy longing,
We should now abide in love;
Know Thy joy, as those belonging
To Thyself in heav'n above.
Thus in holy adoration
At Thy feet our hearts would bow,
Who hast brought, in new creation,
Sons of God before Him now.
And a song is sweetly thrilling
Every heart within the shrine:
Music which God's ear is filling,
Notes which could be only Thine.

C.A. Coates

Tunes for this hymn:

"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."