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Hymn Selection


O JESUS, precious Saviour,
O when wilt Thou return?
Our hearts, with woe familiar,
To Thee our Master turn.
Our woe is Thine, Lord Jesus;
Our joy is in Thy love;
But woe and joy all lead us
To Thee in heav'n above.
To Thee we look, Lord Jesus,
To Thee whose love we know;
We wait the power that frees us
From bondage, sin and woe.
We look for Thine appearing,
Thy presence here to bless;
We greet the day that's nearning,
When all this woe shall cease.
But O for us, blest Saviour,
How brighter far the lot,
To be with Thee for ever,
Where evil enters not!
To see Thee who hast loved us,
Then face to face above,
Whose grace at first had moved us
To taste and know Thy love!
With Thee, O Lord, for ever
Our souls shall be content;
Nor act, nor thought shall ever
Full joy with Thee prevent.
Thy Father's perfect favour
Our dwelling place shall be;
And all His glory ever
Shine forth on us through Thee.
O come then soon, Lord Jesus,
In patience still we wait -
Await the power that frees us -
Our longed-for heav'nly seat.

J.N. Darby

Tunes for this hymn:

"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."