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THY will, O Lord, be done, whate'er the cost
To us, who but for Thee had still been lost;
For Thou hast set us free Thy will to do,
And Thou art set in love to bring us through.
Thy will be done! It is Thy heart's desire
For all Thine own. O may we never tire
Daily therein to find our souls' delight,
As we pursue our path through this dark night.
Thy will be done! Thy holy will, so blest;
Surely for us 'tis Thine own path of rest,
To follow Thee and bear Thy yoke in love,
Till called by Thee to yon blest realms above.
Thy will be done; we'd wholly live to Thee,
Till God shall call us home with Thee to be;
Ever to dwell in love unmeasured, deep,
We who are watching now, and they who sleep.

E.H. Chater

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"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."