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FATHER, Thy love our portion is,
As sons, like Christ, with Thee;
O who can tell of love like this,
So sovereign, full and free?
His Father Thou, and ours through grace,
We taste the same delight;
Blest in the brightness of Thy face,
In heav'n's unclouded light.
Unchanging glory fills the place
Where Jesus dwells on high,
But brighter joy our spirits trace
With Him, for ever nigh!
Eternal ages shall declare
The riches of Thy grace,
To those who with Thy Son shall share
A son's eternal place.
Father, Thy love, the source of all,
Sweeter than all it gives,
Shines on us now without recall,
And lasts while Jesus lives.
We joy in Thee, Thy holy love
Our endless portion is -
Like Thine own Son, with Him above,
In brightest heav'nly bliss.

J.N. Darby

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"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."