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"NOT of the world" - blest words of Christ the Lord
To those who here attended on His word!
They call to us, amid our pilgrim ways,
And draw us, Father, to Thy world of praise.
Our of the world to Thine own blest abode
We follow our Forerunner to His God.
As, bought by blood, we do not here belong -
"Not of the world" becomes our joyful song.
"Not of the world", O words of deep delight!
What rest and strength their heav'nly tones incite!
Strangers below and citizens above,
May we be worthy, Father, of such love!
O teach us all, who have this glorious lot,
To seek for nothing where our Lord is not.
Be this our song, our glory and our plea:
"Not of the world" - our springs are all in Thee.

Mrs, M. Carlsson-Carrén, fr. Swedish

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"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."