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O BLESS√ąD Saviour, is Thy love
So great so full so free?
Fain would we have our souls, our hearts,
Our minds, engaged with Thee.
We love Thee for the glorious worth
Which in Thyself we see;
We love Thee for that shameful cross,
Endured so patiently.
No greater love can man display
Than for His friends to die;
Thus faithful to Thine own was Thou:
What love with Thine can vie?
Thou like Thy brethren wouldst become,
And here a Suff'rer be;
In flesh and blood Thou didst take part,
Through death to set us free.
As man, O Lord, it was not good
That Thou alone shouldst be;
Fruit of Thy death, Thou hast secured
A helpmate meet for Thee.
O Lord, we treasure in our souls
The memory of Thy love;
And ever shall Thy Name to us
A grateful odour prove.

J. Stennett* (1663-1713)

Tunes for this hymn:

"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."