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HOW good and great, O Father,
Thy wondrous thoughts are shown!
Concealed from wise and prudent,
Revealed to babes alone.
But having understanding,
And Spirit-given joy,
To bless Thee, God our Father,
We heart and voice employ.
Father, Thine own Son praised Thee,
Of heav'n and earth the Lord!
Thy sovereign operations
Great joy to Thee afford:
For all those coming to Him -
The meek and lowly Man -
Are held by Him for ever,
The fruit of Thy great plan.
Each knowing Thee as Father -
Revealed so by the Son -
We share His joy before Thee
In all that Thou hast done.
The Son Thou, Father knowest;
But in that Man so blest,
To whom Thou'st given all things,
Our souls find perfect rest.

W.H. Trowbridge

Tunes for this hymn:

"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."