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THE Lord who healed the leper
Is looking on thee now;
And, though thy case discerning,
No frown is on His brow.
Not all thy sin's dark story
Has turned away His love;
'Twas need like thine that brought Him
Down from His throne above.
The Lord who touched the leper
In His amazing grace,
Though ever pure and holy,
Once took the sinner's place!
His grace and perfect goodness
In all His actions shine;
His cross at length expressing
Both light and love divine.
The Lord who cleansed the leper
Can surely make thee clean;
His blood can cleanse the vilest,
Whate'er his guilt has been.
O doubt not He is willing,
But take Him at His word,
Without the "If" exclaiming,
"Thou wilt, Thou canst, O Lord!"


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"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."