Hymn Selection


WHO will hearken to the story
Of God's wonderous love and grace?
Told out now in all its fulness
To the sons of Adam's race.
Whosoever - glorious message -
From the throne of God above -
Trusts in Him who died to save him,
Proves the sweetness of God's love.
Who will hearken to the Saviour?
As in grace He calls to-day?
Who accept God's free forgiveness,
Own Christ Lord without delay?
Who will yield in full obedience
To God's Son enthroned on high?
He would give the Holy Spirit,
Fill the heart with peace and joy.
Who will hearken to the Spirit,
From iniquity depart,
Be a vessel for the Master,
Sanctified and pure in heart?
Overcoming here 'midst evil,
Cleaving fast to what is true,
Answer to Christ's present longing,
Yield to Him the homage due?

R.H. Grace

Tunes for this hymn:

"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."