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O LORD, how long ere we shall see
The night before Thy shining flee?
With hearts subdued we wait the dawn
Of God's eternal, tearless morn.
We hail that hour when, freed from thrall -
The bondage caused by Adam's fall -
With glorious bodies like Thine own,
We'll meet for ever round Thy throne.
Past death, past sin with all its woes,
O'erthrown for ever all our foes;
Hope lifts our hearts to that blest day,
And takes from death its sting away.
Thy servants die: O grant it, Lord,
That we, who have their teaching stored
Within our hearts, may now step forth
To fill the ranks with heav'nly worth.
Grant unto us who still remain
To walk before Thee without stain,
To serve Thy church with faithful love,
Until we too are called above.

Miss J. Wickens

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"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."