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O JESUS, Lord, Thou stoodest in my stead;
God's holy wrath was poured upon Thy head;
For me Thou once was numbered with the dead -
For me, O Lord, for me.
O Jesus, Lord, Thy blood has brought me nigh,
Has cleansed me from my sins of scarlet dye;
For me Thy blood was shed on Calvary -
For me, O Lord, for me.
O Jesus, Lord, unchanging is Thy love,
Thou liv'st for me at God's right hand above;
Thy tender care for me I daily prove -
For me, O Lord, for me.
For me, O Lord, Thou hast done all things well;
Though feebly here, Thy praise my voice shall swell
When with Thee, Lord, I shall for ever dwell -
With Thee, O Lord, with Thee.
O Jesus, Lord, in Thee may I confide,
In The in every storm and trouble hide,
And trust in Thee, whatever, Lord, betide -
In Thee, O Lord, in Thee.

A.J.H. Brown

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"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."