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O LORD , how blest our journey,
Though here on earth we roam,
Who in the Father's favour
Now find our spirit's home:
For where Thou now art sitting
By faith we've found repose,
Free to look up to heaven,
Since our blest Head arose.
In spirit there already,
Soon we ourselves shall be
In soul and body perfect,
All glorified, with Thee.
Thy Father's love sustains us
Along the pilgrim way;
Thy Father's house, the dwelling
Made ready for that day.
The Comforter, now present,
Assures us of Thy love;
He is the blessèd Earnest
Of glory there above;
The river of God's pleasure
Is what sustains us now,
Till Thy new Name's imprinted
On every sinless brow.
Lord, we await Thy glory;
We have no home but there,
Where all Thine own together
Thy joy with Thee shall share.
No place can fully please us
Where Thou, O Lord, are not,
In Thee, and with Thee, ever
Is found, by grace, our lot.

Miss M. Bowly

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"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."