Hymn Selection


LORD, we love to trace Thy footprints
Here amidst the desert sand,
Ponder o'er Thy path of suff'ring -
Wondrous heart and healing hand;
See Thy stoop to Bethlehem's manger,
Hear Thee still the raging wave.
Learn Thy love in all its fullness
At the cross and in the grave.
Lord, we bow in adoration
As we watch that stream of love;
Find its mighty tide still flowing
From Thee now as crowned above.
'Tis a love no heart can fathom,
Which to us Thou dost unfold,
Inexhaustible and boundless -
Wonderous theme that ne'er grows old.


Tunes for this hymn:

"Wherefore encourage one another, and build up each one the other, even as also ye do."